Carolyn S

Annalise helped us make our dreams come true!  Although we weren’t “actively” looking, we had spoken to Annalise about our dreams for a ranch in West Sonoma County.  She kept her eyes and ears open, and when a gorgeous property came on the market, she was right on it, letting us know that we had to come see it.  Annalise nailed it.  From the moment we walked in the front door, we knew it was the place for us, and Annalise did everything right to make sure this place became our home.  Not only did she follow through on all the details for this property, she made sure that the sale of our other house went as smoothly as possible as well.  She understands the complexities of country property, and has great resources for handling all the issues that might arise.  It was a nervous time, making sure it all lined up, but Annalise held strong to the vision, and now, even 2-1/2 years later, I still pinch myself every day that we are living here.