Brian K

We started the process of looking for a home about a year ago (in 2014). It was at the time that we met Annalise Demuth at a first time home-buyers work shop. We spoke with her after that meeting a bit and told her we were a while from actually fully moving forward as we needed to save money first. She was very diligent and patient with us over the next year as we made the necessary financial moves to make a home purchase for us a reality. Fast forward one year and we now own a home. We engaged Annalise’s services in January of 2015 and after a few short weeks of looking around, we got our offer accepted on a house in Petaluma! Long story short, there were many extremely tedious moments with the seller, but Annalise really went to bat for us, put her head down and went to work while really getting the most bang for our buck while representing us. Annalise is a very hard working, diligent, straight forward and clear communicator and really took the time and effort to ‘hold our hands’ thru the process. Thank you Annalise! Can’t wait to keep in contact with you over the years and hopefully do it again!