Sebastopol Homes For Sale
Sebastopol is the western most city of 'West SoCo'. It's West side is flanked by the Occidental Ridge that is densely populated with Redwoods. It's East side is flanked by the protected nature region Laguna de Santa Rosa. Sebastopol is home to a unique group of people mostly known for their liberal politics and 'groovy' state of mind. Between it's easy access to the coast, proximity to the Santa Rosa Airport and highly rated public schools, Sebastopol is intrenched with long time locals who loath to leave this way of life. Vineyard views, the Joe Rodota Trail ( a biking and walking trail from Forestville to Santa Rosa) and the recent addition of The Barlow (a food, wine and art mecca) make Sebastopol a destination rival to Healdsburg with a hippy flare!

Healdsburg Homes For Sale
Healdsburg proves to be the most popular destination location in Sonoma County. Winter or Summer, travelers from all over the world come to Healdsburg for a true luxury experience. Explore it's four Michelin Star restaurants, high end downtown hotels, Healdsburg Plaza shopping, wine tasting, Russian River Beaches and local wineries with downtown tasting rooms. Just 15 minutes from town are miles of vineyards in the Alexander Valley, scenic Westside Road and Dry Creek Valley events. There is a Smart Train station waiting for funding which would make day trips from SF or Marin super easy. The options are endless which is why Healdsburg is always a treasure chest of discoveries.

Windsor Homes For Sale
Windsor's history is evident in its' architecture. The powers that be have worked very hard to replicate the historical architecture from the 1860's when Windsor was first established. The center of town is focused around the Town Green on the West side. Rapid expansion in 1990s proved to be when Windsor went from a bedroom community to a full fledge town with 28K residents and the attraction of excellent schools. Though there is not enough new construction for demand, there is talk of high density apartment style units going in next to Oliver's Super Market and other new construction projects scheduled to start in 2018. Just 10 miles from downtown Santa Rosa, and 10 minutes to the Santa Rosa Airport, home owners are loving the proximity to SoCo's riches. The new Smart Train station is built and ready to go, making the trip to the SoCo Airport, Downtown Santa Rosa and downtown Petaluma a train trip away. Windsors' Town Green is host to annual events like the summer farmers market, free Thursday Night Summer Concerts in the Town Green, Seasonal Town Square Celebrations.

Santa Rosa Homes For Sale
Santa Rosa is the largest city in Sonoma County and the business epicenter of the county. It's bisected by HWY 10 (North to South) and HWY 12 (East to West) which creates natural demographic and neighborhood barriers. There is a plethora of neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and a vast variety of architecture; everything from the Ridgeway Historic District & Burbank Gardens to high density new construction homes to custom high end homes. A revitalization effort to beautify downtown Santa Rosa and attract more businesses is under way with the reunification of Old Courthouse Square. On any given day there will be a line at The Russian River Brewing Company.
and you can check downtown events at the square here. To the West of downtown is the Railroad Square Historic District. With it's specialty shops, restaurants and a Smart Train station, this neighborhood has become the hipsters choice. Plans for mixed housing are on the table now and should break ground in 2019.

Russian River Homes For Sale
Russian River is a destination location with it's epicenter in Guerneville. The Russian River snakes it's way through the Russian River Valley, also a well known wine region. With towns dotted along the river, one can start in Forestville and get to the coastal town of Jenner by going town to town. The draw is a cooler climate, kayaking and canoeing, wine tasting, good restaurants and river vacation homes. Summer time is lively and draws a fair amount of tourist to the Russian River Festivals and the Lazy Bear Weekend.

Sonoma Homes For Sale
Sonoma, the most southern city in Sonoma County, is populated by locals that have lived there for generations and newcomers that want to live close to San Francisco yet in a small town with a sophisticated downtown square, aka the Sonoma Plaza. In the center of the plaza is the Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma, the last of the chain of 21 missions founded by Father Jose Altimira. The plaza is surrounded on all for sides with shops, wine tasting rooms, hotels and restaurants. The plaza draws seasonal tourists in the summer, but winter is also a great time to visit the plaza as our mild California winters make for great day trips.

Petaluma Homes For Sale
Petaluma has seen the most change in the last 10 years. The powers that be have gone to great lengths to make Petaluma a visually beautiful city. With it's hip downtown attracting local restauranteurs, antique dealers and shop keepers, downtown Petaluma acts as the gateway to the Wine Country. The Petaluma River now sports a walking path for to wander the river shops. The Smart Train makes 2 stops in Petaluma and nearby homes to the stations have sky rocketed in value. Petaluma is unique in that it's less than an hour to the Golden Gate Bridge, yet has many lifestyle choices. Whether it's an historic home walking distance to town or a country property with acres of land, Petaluma offers it all.

Penngrove Homes For Sale
Penngrove is a small 2 block town just North and East of Petaluma. It's on the East side of the 101 and is South of Cotati at the foot of Sonoma Mountain. There is a pub, a couple of restaurants and a Main Street. Along with the chicken and egg industry, Penngrove was a source of basalt paving stones, which were used to pave the streets of major cities in the Bay Area, including San Francisco. To this day, many dilapidated chicken houses dot old farms and country roads in the area. Though Penngrove is rich with history, it has yet to be revitalized to the extent most other small wine country cities boast. Most of the 1,045 homes in Penngrove are spread out on large parcels and were built between the 1890 and 1940. In the 80s and 90s many folks from the Bay Area discovered Penngroves' vast bucolic pastures, large parcels and, sadly, replaced those historic homes with large custom lifestyle homes.

Cotati Homes For Sale
Rohnert Park and Cotati melt into each other and share an interwoven history. Though they are distinctly separate cities, they both serve as local housing for Sonoma State University.  Cotati's hexagonal downtown plaza, one of only two hexagonal town layouts in the United States and is a California Historical Landmark. Cotati is known for it's 'slow-town' way of life and hosts the annual Cotati Jazz Festival now easily accessible from any Smart Train stop.

Rohnert Park Homes For Sale
Rohnert Park is smack-dab in the middle of Sonoma County. The city is organized into sections, designated by the letters A-H, "J", "L", "M", "R", and "S." In most cases, the names of streets and parks begin with the letter of the section they are in. Rohnert Park does not have a downtown per se, however there is a Smart Train station and a significant amount of new construction on the North side of the campus.