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Annalise Demuth

With more than 15 years of experience managing real estate sales and with close family connections to the wine industry, Annalise Demuth brings the perfect blend of know-how, clarity, and vision to guiding you through your wine country real estate needs. Whether you are saying yes to your dream home, selling your portfolio of properties, excited to try out the craft of wine making via your new hobby vineyard estate, or simply ready to choose greater satisfaction in your quality of life, Annalise’s commitment to your personal journey, along with her mastery of the market, expert negotiation skills, and complete knowledge of contractual obligations, offers just the right mix of oversight and inspiration for you to get the results you want.

At the heart of Annalise’s success as a Realtor is her ability to create strong, trusting partnerships with her clients. Annalise understands what it takes to be set up for success. Achieving sustainable happiness through quality of living satisfaction is a main ingredient. Her early experience in the tech industry also contributes business savvy and forward thinking to buying and selling properties.

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